andina was founded by Nicholas Andina as an outlet for his strong artisanal skills and passion for design. The result is a collection of furniture comprised primarily of untreated steel with a unique, industrial design that makes the pieces both sturdy and timeless. The distinctive character of most of andina’s creations is the union of raw materials like steel with warmer, more elegant materials like glass and wood.

The key to success is cooperation, which is why andina collaborates with artisan producers, interior decorators and other professionals. This enables the company to create customizable and tailor-made furniture while remaining true to its characteristic style.

Originally from Locarno, Switzerland, Nicholas Andina combines his profound technical knowledge with an eye for design. After studying, he worked for ten years as a metal constructor and metal construction draftsmen while designing and building furniture in his free time. In 2015, this maker decided to dedicate himself fully to his passion and share his furniture with the public

Nicholas Andina